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MAC Instruments Offers Industrial Compliant Moisture Measurement Equipments


MAC Instruments is the leading manufacturer of steam flow meters, transmitters, and industrial moisture analyzers in the industry. We mainly manufacture these high-end products to serve high-temperature industrial applications. Our entire range of analyzers provides all the data you need through a simple and clear interface. Our moisture measurement instruments offer NIST-traceable direct moisture level measurement that helps you meet with emission monitoring needs.

Moreover, MAC moisture analyzersintroduce high performance that helps you to take an advanced scientific and...

Accurate and Responsive Humidity Probes by MAC Instruments

Since 1990, MAC Instruments have been manufacturing industrial moisture measurement instruments. With a MAC Instruments moisture analyzer one can instantly measure absolute humidity in the most demanding high-temperature conditions. MAC’s moisture analyzer range renders all the necessary data through a simple, clear interface. All our products are used in several high-temperature humidity measurement applications at different installations across the world.

The Efficient Features of MAC 155 Humidity Probe

MAC155 is implemented in worldwide industrial operations for 24/7 monitoring of...