The MAC125 and MAC155 moisture analyzers utilize the same moisture measurement technique. The MAC155 has a built in calibration system which allows daily in-situ calibration checks as required by EPA rules in some exhaust stack installations.

Both the MAC125 and MAC155 give a NIST traceable direct moisture level measurement.

Both the MAC125 and MAC155 are used in a wide variety of applications:

  • Stack Emission Monitoring
    • Coal fired power plants
    • Cement manufacturing kilns
    • Refineries
    • Incinerators
    • Blast furnaces
    • Gas Turbines
  • Product Drying
    • Paper
    • Food/Seed
    • Metal parts
    • Gypsum Board/Drywall
  • Metals Processing(Special Atmospheres)
    • Annealing
    • Surface Treatment
  • General Industrial
    • B.O.F. (Basic Oxygen Furnace) Precipitator
    • Large Fuel Cells
    • Other industrial Processes
  • Cooking/Baking
    • Moisture control in food processing ovens